Peter Paul (ironic, isn’t it) Montgomery Buttigieg (pronounced “boot-edge-edge”, b. January 19, 1982) is the current mayor of South Bend, Indiana and top contender for the circus show that is the 2020 Democrat presidential primary. Buttigieg believes in universal healthcare, universal college tuition, open borders, rampant secularism, and special “rights” for sodomites.

South Bend has been a disaster since Buttigieg has served as mayor, and Buttigieg is a racist who fired his former police chief for being an African American and pointing out racial bias in the system, thus continuing the racism of liberal Democrats that has been going on since the days of slavery and segregation.

Buttigieg is an open sodomite, and is “married” to his “husband.” He claims to be a Christian but hath not Christ. He’s a member of the post-Christian secular country club known as the Episcopal “Church.”

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